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What our customers say:


"At RUAG Space AB we have offered the Personal efficiency programme "PEP" to all our managers and co-workers as a step towards better managing a high volatile working environment with an increasing flow of information. We have used PEP within our organization for several years as we have experienced both appriciation and interest amongst workers for the programme."

"Notably the practical part of the PEP-programme with individual follow-through offers the participants the opportunity to establish a real change. Especially appriciated was the part about effective time and e-mail management. In this area many have experienced an increasing ability to plan their work."

An increasing level of effectiveness in the overall workday, with less stress and more extricate time are some of the results we have experienced.
Overall we can recommend PEP to all whom wants to increase their employees ability to manage their workday.
-Charlotte Kjellsson. HR-specialist, RUAG Space AB.


"We were very pleased! The programme really gave us results, much due to the courseleaders efforts to follow up on our progress. We managed to create a great procedure and structure for managing mails and shared documents. We also improved our time-management skills in relation to these structures. Thanks to the PEP-tools we now work more efficient, with the right questions in mind which has enabled a better working structure and more spare time."
-Maria Vaziri. CFO, Skövde Municipality.


"I feel fortunate and greatful for the opportunity to attend PEP. I work in a more rational manner, I am more structured and feel more confident in planning, executing and following up on my work. PEP is the best course I have taken." 
-Leonard Nosha,. Employment officer, Arbetsförmedlingen.

"PEP is the most giving and nourishing course I have attended. I wish that all my collegues was given the same opportunity."
–Karin Fällman. ESF, Project Young Future.



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"I have taken command over my time and I am now able to control the content of my workday. Through PEP I have been given a structured plan and the ability to complete things that should have been completed. I am now able to prioritize my tasks better, in order to get things done. "
- Fredrik Setterberg. Financial director, Higab.



"Confident and happy at work! I previously thought that a chaotic desk, an abundant inbox and a lacking overview of what's important and need to be dealt with was a given situation for me, due to our huge workload. After PEP my life aswell as these conditions changed and I have seen improvements both in being able to structure my workinghours as well as keeping track of errands, prioritize and delegate responsibilities. "
- Anna Maria Koziomtzis. Educational manager, University of Gothenburg.


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For me, PEP translates to less stress during my workday!
"The best things I have learnt is to schedule routinebased tasks in the calendar which otherwise tends to steal alot of time. Now I am able to control incoming mails during the scheduled timeframe instead of letting it disrupt my focus on other work. This has resulted in an inbox containing a maximum of 5-10 mails."
-Pia Larsson. HR-administrator, Swedac.

"PEP is the course that has been able to change my work the most, despite that it isn't directly linked to my area of expertice. Through PEP I have been able to create a sustainable workstructure which has enabled me to feel in control." 
-Åsa A Larsson.  Manager of buildingpermssions, Department of Environment Gävle.


"I experience an increased sense of control and the ability to accomplish my work in a given timeframe. The PEP programme works really well because it's both theoretical and practical and applied over a longer timeframe. We would strongly recommend PEP for other organisations."
-Alexandra Carlsson. HR-strategist, Falu Municipality.