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PEP® Premium


This is the program for those of you who want to eliminate your time wasters and get control over your time. Work without stress in your professional role and achieve better teamwork with your co-workers. Simply have fun and get more done at work!


Through a deep survey and analysis that all course attendees carry out, we form a picture of your work situation, so that we best can satisfy your needs. PEP is carried out in groups of 7 participants, at your own workplace, where we mix theory and practice. Each participant gets individual coaching and monitoring through all of the steps.


4 days in total. 3 full days, with 4-10 weeks apart between each step. The 4th step occurs after about 6 months for best results. Mornings are dedicated to seminars and lectures and during the rest of the day coaching is carried out on individual work-management.

Step 1 - Behavior & Structure

Step 2 - Planning

Step 3 - Progression and specialization

Step 4 - Anchoring

The following modules can be included in all our services or be carried out independently:

PEP® - Efficient Outlook  PEP® - Brush Up  PEP® - Efficient meetings

PEP® - Activity Based Offices