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StrukturWe always adapt our programs to the customer’s needs, both on a group and individual level. To facilitate this process we allow all the participants to perform a web-based survey. Based on the survey, we can then tailor the programs to your particular needs. Our purpose and aim is that you will feel less stress, get more done and enjoy your work more after the PEP programs.

We know people and are well familiar with their needs. For more than 30 years we have worked with knowledge workers to help them get more done with less effort. As people’s work has become increasingly digitalized, we have adapted our programs to meet people’s needs in this new work environment.

All our programs are based on "learning by doing" hands-on practice. The process always include theory and practical elements suited to the individual regardless of format. Our basic core is PEP® - The Personal Efficiency Program. PEP® is the foundation in all of our services and forms the basis for success in any job.

It's about you, what you do and how you do it!


The PEP® process.
Achieving lasting change takes time. It is not enough to only act in a new way, but also requires that we think and feel differently. This does not happen overnight, and therefore a PEP program usually extends between 2-4 days, over a period of 3-6 months.

 Programmets förlopp över tid

You can read more about our services by clicking on any of the links below, or why not just contact us directly and we will help you tailor a solution to your specific needs. We offer the following services:

 PEP® Light PEP® Standard PEP® Premium

The following modules can furthermore be included in all our services or be carried out independently:

 PEP® - Efficient Outlook PEP® - Brush Up PEP® - Efficient meetings PEP® - Activity Based Offices