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About us


We streamline knowledge workers methods and routines in a practical and tangible way, in the customer’s own environment!

PEP® was developed in Sweden in 1983, by the innovator of the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) and author of the book "Get more done," Kerry J. Gleeson, when he entered into a collaboration with the Swedish Handelsbanken. In 1985, Lena Davidsson founded the companies IBT Sweden AB and IBT Scandinavia AB, with the goal of spreading PEPs ideas in the Nordic countries. Today, approximately 200,000 Nordic officials and knowledge workers have completed the PEP programs.

We own all the copyrights and trademarks for our analysis-tool, programs, materials and books.

PEP® has grown into a worldwide network of consultants, all acting under the name "PEPworldwide". PEP consultants are active in 24 countries and our shared challenge is to help individuals, businesses and organizations to create a better workplace with less stress, more control ("work-life balance"), and thereby more efficient employees.

PEP® is addressed to anyone who seeks to increase their satisfaction with their work, themselves, the team and/or company. We carry out PEP for all types of officials and executives, in all industries, occupations and functions.

All programs have the PEP®-method as their foundation, but are often tailored to suit the individuals/organization by adapting the theory, practice, individual coaching, training and follow-up. All in all functioning as a developed variant of the concept "learning by doing".
We can perform PEP® in a large number of languages, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Russian and several Asian languages.

Since a number of years we support UNICEFs Children's Cancer fund and Doctors without Borders.